Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shopping Exploits!

Another day, another day! The boys are ready for potty training. If the taking off of soiled diapers and handing them to me wasn't enough of a sign, Demetri took off his diaper, squatted down, and did his business in the middle of the crib! I wasn't home and my brothers were babysitting. So when I get home, I hear the panicked screams as my older brother, Mike, is cleaning out the crib and my younger brother, JB, is giving Demetri a bath. Demetri is cheesing it up and Dante is clapping and yelling, "YAY!" This process will be a long one but I have received an outpouring of great advice to include.

Yesterday, the boys were measured for new shoes. They are a size 7 already! Such big, big feet! Got them some great Toy Story 3 sneakers that they loved. Check them out HERE! They come with the sandals seen HERE! The set was on sale for $16.95 which is awesome if you ask me. Buying for two kids can get pricey so a good deal is always appealing to me :D

And we purchased new sippy cups! This is exciting for me since they are the #1 rated spill-proof cups for toddlers. I did all this research and we are giving them a try. I'm talking about the Playtex Sipsters. We got a pair of regular and a pair of insulated (would you be shocked to know they are Toy Story cups as well? haha). Started using them today and so far not a drop! If these two monsters can use them without spilling, then you know they have to be good cups! Check them out HERE!

Also, Earth's Best products are turning out to be a new fave for the boys as they get older. They love the crackers, both original and cheese flavors. They enjoy the chocolate graham crackers and organic vanilla cookies even though they don't like sweets much. And last night they tried the Organic Yogurt Rice Crisp bars which are essentially Rice Krispie treats with yogurt substituting the marshmallows and use brown rice. They LOVED them! Just glad I bought the Baby Einstein floor mats for under their highchairs otherwise I'd still be scraping the remnants! Check out Earth's Best products HERE!

Oh I definitely want to recommend something to all the moms and dads out there! When we go out to eat, the boys get a little nuts with the food since they are still learning how to self-feed. I purchased Table Toppers which are disposable so I use them on the go. I don't have to worry about how clean the table is at a restaurant or what kind of chemicals they use. They boys can make a mess, I peel it off, and VOILA! All done! Check it out HERE! They are the same company that makes the floor mats I use. The items feature different characters as well so as to serve as a great focal point for a child. We have the Sesame Street ones and they are very engaging with ABC's and manners.

Well, today is hopefully going to be a little bit relaxing. Nap time is dedicated to laundry and schoolwork. I hit the half way mark for my current classes. I received my grades from my last classes and...still maintaining the 4.0 GPA!

Well, Houdini aka Dante is climbing out of his playpen and into his brother's so I guess that is my cue to go! Until next time...!


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  2. Mow I know what I have to look forward to when I see my twin nephews when they get older

  3. They are going to be born in the next couple of weeks